The Mission of Synergy Family Physicians is to integrate conventional and alternative medicine to guide our patients toward complete wellness of body, mind, and spirit.

Our patients have great things to say about us.

My doctor of 20 years moved to New York and my daughter recommended Dr. Carpenter at Synergy Family Physicians. Needless to say it was the best recommendation she has ever given me. I love my doctor, the wonderful staff, and trust and confidence in my medical care!


You all are THE BEST!! I have never felt more peace with a dr’s office, for me and my children! Both Dr Carpenter and Dr Perry are so genuinely caring and knowledgable on all spectrums of medicine!! So glad we madethe switch!!


Fabulous experience with Dr. Perry. Realistic about what natural options are available. Do you remember what it was like when you could talk to your doctor about your concerns and they would listen with empathy and understanding and not rush you out the door? That is what you get at Synergy. Great staff, too!


Genuinely caring and very knowledgeable Dr’s. I love that they are holistic and take natural approaches when possible but balanced with traditional medicine where needed! Great for kids and adults and the assistant is awesome at getting bloodwork without poking more than once. Love this place!


The nurses and physicians at Synergy are patient, knowledgeable and caring. They remember us by name and always take time to answer our questions. We have never been happier with our medical care than we are at Synergy!


Dr. Perry really expresses her care and concern. She listens and.most importantly, reviews my chart before the visit and asks about my previous concerns. I am so happy I found this clinic

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